Friday, November 25, 2005

only 17

While our american news stations showed our friends to the south hitting the stores for deals today , I too went for a great deal that was only on at 8:00 pm and it was for a sewing machine, but only 17 came in and no rain checks...

It amazed me to see the lack of patience people had when it came to getting something for themselves.
They wanted it and they rushed the door for a sewing machine.
Oh well its christmas and I guess culture excuses this behavior for that reason .

I have been on a blogger break for a while. Life seems to have just dictated my time away from blogging .

But now with christmass on the way I'll be back to blog and and hope fully keep my head above the waters while haveing a merry christmas..


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

What a great day here in Nova Scotia we are having a nor/easter which means heavy rains and wind.
But its better than snow:)
So being Thanksgiving I preached a sermon on how to be thankfully- something that isn't practiced enough !
And we had 6 people in for dinner which was cool along with a football GAME AND A BALL GAME to be entertained by.
So as we sat around the table the question was asked what everyone was thankful for...
it was interesting the things that were said and the differences in the responses.
But when we begins to think about it, we do have a lot to be thankful for.
For me it was being introduced yesterday to some acadian culture as I watched a sawmill do its thing and then sitting around a table eating deer meet sandwiches and talking about trouts and deers.


Friday, October 07, 2005

up with the old

It has now been a week since in the parsonage we have removed all carpets that were at least 30 years old and replaced them with that flooring that looks like hardwood but isn't.

It's hard work and i wnat to thank thoes who helped.

What a reminder that some put down and others tare up!

Its a great day when you get to do both !!


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time for something new

Since my last post I took a 3 hour cruise (ferry) to n.b. and back.
Going on the ferry had a couple of bus tours aboard .
What interesting people seem to be attracted to bus tours...
I guess I won't pick on them today!

I have recently gone to my first Baptist induction service for a new minister.
Truly we Wesleyans have got things good compared to others.

But as we are in this service with all of its formalities , right in the middle of it, they had 3 choruses.
It wasn't a worship service.
The hymns they sang were wonderful funeral marches.
These were new songs so mostly no one knew the words.
They were I think arranged wrong.( Slow to fast. I prefer fast to slow)

Who say's there has to be " chorus" to make it a service ?
Can not the reading of the word be seen as worship?
Do we forget that hymns are worship to?


Saturday, September 17, 2005

NY Islanders

Yarmouth has hosted this week the NHL training camp NY Islanders and last night we went to their game- islanders against islanders or blue team against white team and it was great!
The chance to see NHL players play any time is great :)

But this morning we are getting another chance to see someone famous and its Tropical Storm Ophelia that's now hitting us with rain.

I checked out our provincial gov't Emergency Preparedness Checklist WEB SITE to see what they recommend in case we lose our power or suffer even greater loss.
I wonder how many hits they get from serious people or is it a service offered but just used.
I am curious because As a church we have a " Emergency Preparedness Checklist" for eternal disaster and not a lot of people seem to be taking this one serious.
So As a church I hope we are getting hits ( people) and being a service offered but not used!

We Need Revival !

Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's amazing to me...

Well Sunday is just about over and now its time to review the day.

Now that my sermon is over I wish I had just about one more quote to have tied it all together but its over now! And maybe I should of reside a few words differently
but its done and next Sunday is now on the radar.

While leading the song service today someone got up and did a interruptive dance.
I am o.k. with this knowing the person's sincerity.
Now had I gotten up to dance I would of been escorted out :) as fast as lightning.

Already I have received a phone call about it and I am sure to hear more.
Oh The joy's of a small church.

To them and all my reply is "they have done it in other Wesleyan Church's I have been at."

I will blog on this again if more is said :) this could get interesting.

Tonight we have changed bedrooms moving up stairs instead of being in the basement.
I accident's broke our head board and almost lost our mirror for the second time in our married life, plus a few other minor little things I'll leave out here.

This kind of stuff might be alright for those people on t.v. re-decorating houses all over the country and looking happy with it but for me it stinks.
So to conquer my some what sour attitude to all this I am going to think of these things as "TRAINING FOR THE MISSION FIELD" and maybe it will help :)


Friday, September 09, 2005

Ministry is cool

Not always but on occasion I get to do things under the umbrella of ministry wich are cool, like just now a senior lady brought to me a broken window hangy thing ( or a light reflector) that needed fixing, so I took it to my tackle shop and made the repairs, and gave it back to a very happy lady , now I told her the only payment necessary was at some point during my sermon she give a good loud hallelujah .

We Wesleyans use to have words like this shouted out during sermons - but not much these days!
At least any where I have pastored. and so my question is Why ?

Well here are some of my thoughts on it....

1.) Our zeal not so much for the preacher but for the Word has been put on a diet.

2.) We have to many peole that don't hold to the same standard of doctrine.
( some hate to hear about sanctification, while others cringe at the mention of Spurgeon at all in the same church)

3.) I am worried again that our younger Christians have not been around any one being truly
blessed by God, or have seen any one come under extreme conviction for their Sin.

4.) Maybe we have generated in our church's people who are spiritually insincere - out wardly saying yes to God but not supporting it with their life.

What do you think ?


6 hrs is to long

Today I have been recuperating from spending 6 hours the night before in Out Patients with my daughter waiting to see a Dr. About her wrist that she fell on in school .

And it was a sprang and it did need a cast AND the pain pill I gave her wore off way before the Dr. Saw here and it was not a picnic.

But in the midst of this agony, of waiting , along came ( not a spider) but two clowns that for a half hour made us all laugh. They do this a volunteers at the hospital and go thought it bringing cheer to all.

So tonight I Salute those dedicated voluteers who come and bring cheer in their clown costumes.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The first day is over

School has begun and its a good feeling. Except in the pocket book! It cost app. $100.00 bucks for school supplies for each child and we went the cheap route which included recycling last years stuff. And here is the kicker -- its the first day and already book orders are coming home wanting more Money and all kids have to use an agenda for the year provided by the school at $ 5.00 per child so the cost of public school keeps going up.

I can't remember having all this stuff way back there in the ancient 70's and 80's.
Not even in College which my wife reminded me that I was in almost 20 years ago.

Back to school , in Yarmouth recycling is a big deal here we have 3 diff. Bags for garbage on the go plus a green cart for food. So Why can't recyling be encouraged for school supplies.
Life is expensive enough with out these list of school supplies needed for the first day of school.
I really doubt if kids really wrote in all their books and used all their pencils etc. Today.
But we did our best to keep our kids supplied for this great day!

Is amazing what parents sacrifice for their Kids...

But I am thankfor for all my parents have done for me in the past and even the present.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The warmth from outside on the lake today felt more like August than September but here it is Sept.6 and we are now on the eve of a new school year:) :) :)
Our church always has a hot dog/marshmallow roast the Monday night of Labor Day weekend
to either say good bye to summer or hellow to a new school year or a opportunity to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire and sit around and talk.
Its amazing to me that this real simple idea is so successfully.
People love to come. I think for many its the only time they get to eat such a gourmet feast.
I usually can out eat any one with marshmallows but not this year, because we have as a family begun to go CAMPING and what do you eat at a camp fire but marshmallows.
We always have music at these events and this year we had a accordion to help us sing our favorites to.
Accordions are cool - they make you think of that Steve guy ( or at least me) from TV.

Not only did we camp out this weekend , have a church camp fire .... My wife saw her brother after 7 years of no communication with him.
One word sums this up. WEIRD ! Its amazing how many ways one can discuss the weather or weather related topics. He came with his family and left after an hour and so we looked at each other and asked who was that?

And finally one more note to this long weekend.
My son reported to me there was a dead bird on the church ramp, to which I went to investigate and saw there was one there, so I got my shovel and took it accross the street to my neighbor to verify its brand. It was a hawk as I thought. So I tossed it over the bank, later to night I noticed in the church window an impression of a bird who hit the window and died sadly.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Glued to CNN

Over the past night and morning we got the remains of Katrina.
Living here in Yarmouth it isn't unusall for us to get the remaining winds of hurricanes that hit further south along the Atlantic cost.

I can not even imagine what it must be like where this hurricane hit.
But I do know one who can help and it is God.

I do think that to manage through a time like this you need more than a bumper sticker faith to survive.
For the words of Paul about having a sound doctrine I think can help people keep their faith up during these times.

Now this is usually the day my sermon is typed and ready for Sunday but its almost done which better than not, but what I am thinking is how or what would you preach in that area?

And would the people listen?

And will people in my community see that life is not about things but living.
I wonder if people will see that there can be no guarantees beyond the now unless it is in God.
I wonder how I would respond?
I wonder if our church would open its doors and show Jesus?
I wonder if my preaching would change after this?
I wonder if church would be full?

Back to CNN


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Reading this week Aug 28 - sept 3

I am rereading an older book by swindoll this week
Living above the Level of Mediocrity


This is Sunday

I woke up this morning almost too tired to really go to church But I must ! So I woke up and got ready !! Why was this morning so difficult my family had just spent its first time ever camping in a provincial park in a 4 man tent plus one dog ( our families newest member ) !!
And while I have camped plenty none of the rest had till this week. And it was Great !
We had invited any of our church people to come along and join us for a camp out.
And some did ! And we also said if they didn't want to stay the night come out for the evening and we must of had 25 people buzzing around it was great !

So we packed up and were on the way home (a long 20 min drive) by 9:00 am and I was at church by 10 and service started on time at 10:30 and out to lunch with 10 other people .
I preached on revival which is one of my favorite topics.

And since its the last Sunday of the month we had an evening service which my wife lead and did an excellent job doing !! She has a great ability of getting people involved in the service more than I and we had a lot of prayer and praise.

And now I must get ready for a 6:30 fish and plan to hopefully finish painting the parsonage and office .
plus keep an eye on the storm via. CNN.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

80/20 is true

This week while still painting my office, the church parsonage was painted by about 20 % while the rest 80% were ??? I do know one board member who spent the day fishing . Oh well its done.
It interesting that our oldest painter was 83 and the yougest Me at 40 ish. But its done.
Its amazing how a fresh coat of paint spruces things up and yet for the last 3 years since it was primed became dull and comfortable. And we really never noticed till the paint started covering over the old.
Somewhere in this is a sermon illustration I think.
If not a illustration an analogy that people tend to get to comfortable with the way things are... And to this I think the remedy is a revival. To spruce us up and make us gleam for Jesus.

Four months today its Christmas Day !!

I went fishing from 7-9:30 am today while the fish were not bitting it was great to be out.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

May I speak to ....

The other day my daugther was stumped by a person on the phone asking to speak with a
Mr. Wesleyan Parsonage. She Gave me the phone and after I had the girl repeat who she wanted at least twice I finally had to explain to her that My name isn't wesleyan parsonage but... and this is where we live in a wesleyan parsonage. What a reminder that in the 30 below age range people really don't know much about the church.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Gone to the dogs

Here in Yarmouth area its a gray and rainy day.
A good time to Start Painting my office or dungeon as I refer to because its in the basement of our church.
Why ? I can't figure it out but maybe a new color on the walls will give it a face lift.
Its also a good today to review last week.
Friday I was treated to a humors sight of watching two dogs play on a roof while I ate out. They jumped out a window and chased each other around it was real funny.
Saturday we had church picnic which was a great time of fun and food.
Sunday we were doing a live broadcast on the radio which can be a bit stressfull. It was aired that night but I didn't listen to it, there is something about hearing yourself that is scarey.
Sunday Night So I would not get in trouble alone I took a board member with me and went FISHING.
It seemed so much more religious doing this on Sunday .( lol )
There is a perfect time to go and that is before a rain storm and my theory proved right we had a blast. But to keep the appearance of Sunday we tried not to smile and spoke in Kjv language.
Why I point this out with humor is that in rural church's there are legalistic ideas still running around from some to others just waiting to pronounce judgment.
I think the devil likes being busy no matter the activity even presenting legalizing ideas if he can pull it off.

Later ( I must paint more )

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Surprise !!

For the last two weeks my wife and son have been in another province while my daughte and I have been home. And for a week of this my daughter went to summer camp. So while my wife was a way to keep my self out of trouble I spent some ( a lot ) of time FISHING !!! Since Sunday past I kept Wed. Circled and noted in my palm as CLEAN-UP DAY ! Because I was to get here at the boat terminal that Night. I would spend the day making sure my wife came home to a clean and tidy house. That was the plan. But she had her own plan and came home a day earlier. Surprise ! As she came in the house I thought well I have now joined the ranks of John the Baptist and will lose my head.
But the joy of seeing me I am sure clouded her vision and I am alive to blog yet another day. Somewhere in this will be a great sermon illustration and a reminder of the text of keeping my house in order because I never know when the Lord will return.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

It was like being in a TV show

I am a former Seinfeld Thai addict which I admit without shame .
But the other day it was like, being on the show as I meet a fellow pastor for breakfast, at a local restaurant and behind us sat four of my church people and so the question was do we stay or move to another table?
Moving to where they can't hear the conversation ? Now Is it polite or rude to move ?
We decided to move and we did.
( Why ? ) In this day of information we can never underestimate the power of good old fashioned ease dropping .


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Home at last

I am finally home !
Really its been since last Wednesday !
Vacation 2005 is now over and its still fishing season so I'll be beating the local lakes till its over.

But between fishing I'll be pastoring our church.

while the fish haven't been biting I have been thinking about that word doctrine.
In a twisted pastoral way I can when preaching mention certain words of our doctrine like sanctification and get a Big amen from people ,
and put them "back to sleep quickly" with out repeating it.

Here is my conclusion on that word doctrine to date:
doctrine for mans sake is dangerous it promotes a superior super saint.
While doctrine for Jesus sake is beneficial for all concerned the church, families and individuals.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Raeding this week

This week I am reading

God As He Longs For You To See Him by Chip Ingram.

Still Vacationing

Yesterday two dreams came true for our family. First the my kids went to Canada's wonderland which they really enjoyed. And I went to Canada's Bass Pro Shop. For most of the day while they were in the park.

I think now that I have been there to the Bass pro shop my local tackle shops do fine for me, at least there we chat and while they may not have all that I want but most importantly they do have what I need to catch fish in my area.

This is in my mind likened to mega church's compared to smaller ones ... Which can offer more for needs than wants. But since we are consumer driven there will be people for both places.

Not only did I spend time in Bass Pro I walked the huge mall connected to it. Which is not my favorite thing to do.

But I was killing time so I went into every store that looked interesting and one of them was a high end furniture place which sold statutes of Buddha for over $ 500.00 and as I looked them over I noticed that they were cracked .... And in the middle of the Mall in the middle of this big city of TO I was remained that we do Do serve they only Living God who Is the I Am.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Still on vacation

Its Monday so today I have been thinking about yesterdays church service. We went to the Salvation Army the church of my youth. It was great to hear real band music though my kids were not sure of it.
but there was a statement made in the sermon that has gotten my attention when the captain said we needn't follow the popular pop culture of our day as preached by TV talk show host but Go to Jesus. Which is true but the more I think of his sermon what he was preaching was pop gospel one of a partnership with Jesus not surrender. A shallow fix and not at change from the inside out.
It was as my father said a internet sermon.

You see its very hard for a preacher to attend another church we get critical and maybe see what needs fixing in us .


Friday, July 15, 2005

Vacation time

Today I have read the book Loving The Church You Pastor by David Hansen.

It is a great read and a book that is easy to identify with.
And I like what he has to say in reminding us that we need to love the church and the people that we pastor for the church is God's lamp stand in our community.

He doesn't use a lot of the current Leadership mumble - jumbo that is recommend today , but he writes as one who has been there and has learned that we simply must Love the people.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Vacation time

I am now on Day three of my vacation in Hamilton Ontario a way from home and its extremely HOT Here....

But My mind is still back on the past week of Beulah camp. Where in a business meeting the question was asked and batted around if we as ministers should hand back to the gov't our lic's that allow us to do wedding since the Gov't has passed the bill that allows for same sex marriages.

Some say we need to do something in protest to this move by the gov't.

I can remember a day when we protested against Hollywood and didn't attend movies in theaters and now if some church's didn't have power point movie clips for sermons they would be lost or show `g' rated movies following a service for the kids.
Time won that battle and now find a pastor who hasn't been to a theater in six months and I can take you to see a live dinosaur.

I can remember a time when dancing was a No-No ! And now Christians offer dance lessons Again time won out.

Social drinking is in Atlantic Canada still a No-No ! But rumors have it that time is changing that.
I remember once we would never eat in a restaurant that served the stuff but now we have Christmas dinners in the very places we once forbid.

I don't want to go on but to me our Time to do something has long since gone by - we were to silent on the abortion issues , and the evolution educational issue.

So I think that those who matter in politics know the church usually caves , and remains silent . But we have to do something.

How about if Christians started joing political parties and working from within the party where a difference can be made. Or even vote.

How about if we remember that glunty, lying , stealing, corse joking are as much sins as .....

How about Christians start living honestly and pay their taxes honestly!

How about we love people and know that God can change them as us.

Yes we need to do something and be prepared for the skeletons to be uncovered.

What will I do ? For now I will keep my Gov't lic. That lets me marry.

Reason 1. In the rural church we don't get many weddings any ways.
( right now I have zero booked )

Reason 2. I can either say yes or no to any one who calls.

Reason 3. Honestly I enjoy the little bit of $$ that comes from doing a wedding.

Reason 4. I really don't like doing the pre marriage counseling.

Reason 5. It takes time away from fishing !

But I would hand in my licesences if and here is my reason.

If I could no longer preach that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

Here are my thoughts


Monday, July 11, 2005

Beulah is here and gone

Being a Wesleyan in Atlantic Canada , now the next biggest event on my calendar will be Christmas. Why ? Because now Beulah is over our annual church camp that we attend yearly.

It was a great camp except for my son who was introduced to playboy. Which has lead to me to coin this phrase for any who listen " when sin isn't preached in the pulpit it will be lived out in the camp."

I don't want to liver under finger pointing again , but are we not to be separate from the world .

The preaching was great during the camp, I got plenty of outlines for future use, I have learned I can never have enough outlines.

But the preaching I heard ( my opinion) never really came out and said Playboy is sinful. Though challenging and I like 6 point sermons.

It was camp and maybe there areas one does not want to tread on and rather assume people know. But do people know what sin is ?

I can't buy a thing without well explained directions on it from light bulbs to cereal and everything in between . Marketing makes sure that no assumptions are made when you buy something so there are directions to be read so you can do it right.

And here is the key... How many are reading the directions so they can know how to live for Jesus ?


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Reading this week

this week I am reading

The Root of the Righteous by a.w. tozer

and still working through
Overcoming the dark side of Leadership

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What I am reading This week

1) Waking the Dead by John Eldredge

2) Overcoming the dark side of Leadership by Gary McIntosh & Samuel D. Rima.

Its over !!

Tonight I chaired our church's year end meeting and now its over !! And thankfully There were no problems but you always go into one of these meetings with the thought that something unexpected could surface.
But not tonigh !
Now probly the conclusion of American Idol worked in my favor .
Not that I am a fan ! Give me csi re-runs any day over that.
Yet Its amazing to me how a TV show can still take priority over church business even among the sanctified.
I guess its a good thing that the apostles while they were waiting in the upper room didn't have TV.
Or where would we be now ?
and speaking of csi reruns I must go and watch it now.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Its been awhile since I last posted and now I hope to be back on track.

My life has been busy with a visit from my parents, getting ready for our church's year end meeting , which my lovely wife does all the work for me on this.
and I had to deal a computer crash.

While working on my yearly report I always list the number of books read in a year and this I read 28ish books
and so I want to share here what I didn't write in my report are the titles I have read.
The bait of Satan
The winning attitude
Drawing Near
Generation X leaders
occult invasion
a right conception of sin
Prepare for revival
Victory in Christ
developing the leader within you
war on the saints
power of a praying woman
returning to holiness
getting things done
bondage breaker
the 3 battlegrounds
the forgotten blessing
stop dating the church
highlights of church history
highly effective people
when the fire fell
power of a praying husband
courageous leadership
7 practices of effective
God's will
prepare the way for revival
fresh wind fresh faith
the radical cross
prepare the way for revival


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Things I find uncanny

Its been a busy week but while I have been working hard I have been mentally collecting for my blog.
So tonight I am going to start a list of things I find uncanny....

1. Waitress who wear shirts that don't cover their belly....Its just uncanny in a family restaurant.
2. People who cut not only their finger nails in church but also their toe nails ... Its just uncanny in church.
3. Garbage men who not only take the garbage but the can as well .... Its uncanny.
4. People who don't take their church bulletin home ( which I like to think is my weekly work of art ) its uncanny.

And so the list has begun.....

Friday morning I put into practice what I tell my son "work first then play ". So I Finished my sermon and off to the lake for a two hours of Bass fishing. Finally the water temp. Is on the rise and the bass are starting to bite and on this short fish I caught and released 5 bass.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

How Come

While getting the mail Friday my kids and I made an interesting discovery that a man who had just put up his new flag pole and now was on with the up keep of his lawn had forgotten to check out his flag, He had hung it up side down, How come people just can't take a moment to see if there job is done right. Its our National flag after all. Maybe a reason for this is he just did it - like he always had , perhaps expecting the same results or maybe he wasn't paying attention.
How often do we (me included ) just do things in life and never take time to make sure that its done right.
In preaching or Fathering or just life - doing the same old same old - and not noticing the things that are not done just right in path we have just made.

A fishing update : three bass caught Saturday!


Thursday, April 28, 2005

Break time

Its a rainy Thursday and I am in my office " better called a dungeon" located in our church basement.
So its time to break from getting my sermon done. I have this thing that it needs to be done and printed out by Thursday, none of this Saturday night stuff for me.

Breaks like this are good I think - they give me a chance to check out what church's are opened for pastors at my denomination's site or to look with in Canada for open church's at another site.
I do this out of curiosity and because there is a small part of me that would like to move .

Why Move ? Well I am at that point in life where I am not sure if a rural church is where I want to stay. Sometimes I feel that I could due more on a different playing field.
I know the old saying that a person needs to bloom where they are at and the grass isn't as green
as it looks on the other side.

But isn't it possible that as I am here for a season in life to be this church's pastor and help them , and that this church is here for a season to help me develop as well.

Or I am beginning to discover life at 40 ?

Well back to work
and so far this week no fish to tell off


Saturday, April 23, 2005


ON a very cold Friday afternoon I finally hooked and released my first smallies for the season !!!!

But my week had more to than just those few hours freezing on a lake .

I finished reading a book titled fresh faith which is excellent in my mind.

But no sooner was that book on the self I started reading a book on the cross which has helped shape what my sermon for this Sunday on the cross - taking it up daily.

I also spent an hour on the phone with my Leadership coach which is always inspiring for me.
And to add even more positive fuel to my life I had a morning meeting with fellow ministers discussing the hazards of ministry.
And I just forgot about the pastoral prayer time I shared in as well.
All very positive events for sure or as I like to call positive fuel.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Strange friends

We have a family pet that is a cat. She never goes outside and so it's left to create its own entertainment and make its own friends. Which it has done with my daughters beta fish. And with her new friendship The cat spends hours around the betas tank chasing this fish and even moving the tank around just to see it better.
And its kind interesting watching that cat chase the fish.

Seeing how people and animals respond is a curios sport for sure.

I watched our people this Sunday leave again with out any movement towards the altar for help from God , I had just preached on prayer and challenged the people that through prayer(and faith) they could see what ever mountains that might be before them cast into there sea By God.

But not a move. Now either my church is full of Super Spiritual Sanctified people or else the devil has got them super glued to the pews or ?

Why do you think we no longer see people respond to an altar call any more ?

I have some ideas but I'll post them after I hear some of yours ....


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Losing the art off...

Its Wednesday which means there is a bible study tonight that I need to prepare for, I am not complaining because I like studying - and teaching our people. ( we are doing a serious on the Apostles Creed )
many years ago I made the decision that I liked studying deciding this helped a lot with school and the ministry. Now I need to get my son to make the same choice for life that he likes to study but in grade 5 its hard to see life more than a day at time. Sadly we are losing the art off excellence in (this) school when teachers are letting kids drift by with average grades instead of helping them go to the next level.
So long as (this) teacher covers what the gov't says he must - he does his job even if kids ( this class ) are still trying to figure out what was taught in the last grade. ( and no one fails )

But not only are schools losing something - our under 35's are losing the art of common courtesy when dealing with people. Yesterday I went and had blood work done ( 10 vial's full ) and the young girl doing this would have easily taken my blood and never once spoke to me if I had not made the effort to talk with her.
surely a " How are you today" would be ok to say.

Getting dinner at a well known fast food restaurant chain - a young lady slammed my food down and not a smile or how are you, she was more interested in the drive through than me.

This Bugs me - pay them to do a job or fire them !
Be it teachers / lab tech's or counter people.


Monday, April 11, 2005


Mondays mean that I get to attend our Church Diet group at night and face the Scale !
This week I don't agree with the scale at all and I don't even like it at this point but there it is and it speaks with didgital authority that I am up !

I am glad that there is more to Monday's than that Scale !

(Like ) This morning I went and saw a guy who pours his own baits and sells them locally and on the internet so He's an Inventor an Artist ( his stuff sure is colorful ) and of course an expert on catching bass.

Growing up with Sesame Street I well remember the little song "who are the people in the neighborhood "

There are a lot of interesting people in our neighborhoods, for sure.

And this guy I saw today is one of them - and not only is he a invents, Artist, Expert on bass fishing he is also a philosopher !

I am glad for the people in my life - it sure makes life interesting.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Finally !!

This afternoon I was finally able to spend time on the water how relaxing it was !
While we had nothing it was great just to be out there !
Winters Gone and the best seasons are here Spring and Summer !!
Now we just have the get the fish bitting!


Friday, April 08, 2005


You might think that I mean Thank God its Friday but really I mean Thank God its Fishing(season)

This past week I finished reading a book by Andy Stanley titled " 7 practices of effective ministry"

Though I have not meet the Author I really like what he writes about on leadership - its more light hearted or more my style perhaps.

Last winter I read another of his books titled " The next Generation Leader "
and it impressed me enough to write on the inside cover a must read for every year.

As I read his books and others I have asked myself is " the world ( where we live) ready for a leader {ex. Pastor}who is styled like Jesus " or do they just expect as we have been duplicating over the past leaders who are styled in the newest trend of leadership practices that have no biblical foundation and are applicable to all types of leaders.

In talking to fellow pastors - they are amazed that I have not signed up to attend a Church growth conference scheduled for our area by one of the big Author/Pastor from the States.
Look out Atlantic Canada for all the clones about to be released as result of this conference !

Back to my thought of is the world being ready for a leader styled like Jesus - those who write on Leadership must not think so or else they would include more about Jesus teachings than there own.

Or maybe I am not reading the right books ?

So I will pass on this conference - I'd rather stay home and read their book anyways - than attend.

And Do some fishing !!!

And arrive to the pulpit Ready to Preach Rested and Ready to see God at Work through His Word and Worship.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What a sight!

In the past Two months I have been at the Funeral home about every other week with funerals (including today) , which is draining at times, but its a part of the job as they say.
But not to let this becoming depressing -- its on with life.
Like today following the funeral I finally took down my Christmas lights.
Next will be time to rake the lawn. But that is another blog at another time.
While I have yet to wet a line I did tonight check out my favorite lake and what did I see but a beaver swimming across the Lake what a sight he was just doing what he was meant to do - get trees and carry them to his home.
and so I ask myself from time to time what am I suppose to do as a minister - and its rather simple just like that beaver spend time in prayer / spend time in the word / and encouraging our people .
I just have to do what I am meant to do...


Saturday, April 02, 2005

It's Here !!!

Finally the 2005 fishing has started !
I have not yet wet a line yet - but from now till Oct. 31 there is the freedom to Go Fishing !!
I haven't gone because April 1 is also my wedding anniversary so I wait to get my Lic.. After that ...
( I think this is wise on my part )
But What really has got my attention and that of the world is watching and waiting for the announcement that the Pope has passed away.
My life has never been affected by this man but somehow in these last days there is a connection to him for with all the news tidbits that are being broadcast on the t.v. screen ,he really was a great man.
A Hero a Religious Hero. Who are the hero's of our day ( religious ones)
Not hero's because they have best selling books or mega church's.
But in my thinking because they choose to be different and go unnoticed so God gets the glory,
hero's because they would rather speak to God than to promote their ideas.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

March break !!

Wow March break is now history for 2005 and has now been stored in a place called memory.

While away I attended a BIG Church ( attendance of 600+ ) .
When this happens , for the first 15 minutes every thing I see and hear is filtered through a basket in my brain called the small church standard.

Then with that done on with the service.

But after all is said and done there are some things that I appreciate in the smaller church - we don't have The casual atmosphere where people can drink coffee and praise the Lord for there is some reverence to the sanctuary.

And yes I think Hymns and hymn books are still a Good Thing . I love the new stuff as well !
What I like to have is a good mix of both.

And people Reading their own bible is good - while power point is cool.

But no matter what I think when we are back in the car - this is the church my kids want to Go to.
it's exciting to them - the classes are bigger and more fun.

And the city has more to offer than the village we live in and the town we are next to,
it would be great to live there or some big place.

And so the very option that has bounced around in the heads of people who have left the smaller church's TO THE BIGGER ONES'S 'for good of their families' -
has landed in my court should a person leave for the good of their family.
( now there is no one calling me to leave ) but its a option that often bounces around and for a moment makes me think.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Easter time...

It is now just days away from the opening of Fishing season ! And to add to this excitement the ice is slowly melting off the lakes and giving us back the wonderful picture of open blue water.

Its Easter Time and as usually I take the Wednesday and Thursday nights before Good Friday to have services of reflection - in the past we have recreated what the last supper would of consisted of and this is really cool.
This years theme is the cross - but as I talk with other pastor buddies I find that they DON'T take the extra time to reflect on the Easter message as I believe we should.
If we as the church don't take the message of Easter seriously why then would the world.
Just think this was an event that Jesus would not have missed yet we miss the significance of it by allowing all kinds of events to squeeze Easter from the place of significance to just a date on the calendar.


Friday, March 11, 2005

100 %

Some weeks are but one long yawn of boredom and others are like speed, and these last two weeks have been anything but boring ! I knew at the outset of this week it was time for the church to have THE Pastoral Vote ! While I knew there were no problems looming , I have learned by now that one must always be ready for the unexpected , with out any hint of disapproval on the part of our church people they voted for me to stay on as their Pastor at 100% which is cool.
So here I am with 6 years behind us and at least as many more ahead ... And what will I due to meet this challenge simple Pray more , seek God, improve what I have been doing and seek to help People grow more like Christ and see people converted To Jesus.

And start planning this years fishing season that starts April 1 which is now just days away.


Saturday, March 05, 2005

NHL church basement style...

Living in a parsonage attached to the church has its rewards (sometimes ) like a perfect basement that can be turned into ( by the help of some imagination ) a NHL rink ! Who needs big salaries when a table a big brother / little sister and dad can pass the evening away playing Hockey , all that's needed is a passion to play ! driven by a love for the game.

Passion is a great gift we give to our selves and others I think.
My church is just 15 min from one our Districts Mega church's and when I talk to people from there they seem amazed that a church can run on 50 instead of 600-700 people.

So what makes us run, well it was in full force just a little while ago, its our passion, not serving Christ with a lot of big league perks but passionately serving Christ For the Love of our relationship with Him.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It was almost like C.S.I.

The past Sunday night after a full day of church that included my D. S. For one service and a bible college group singing at night later on there was a call at 10:30 pm from a lady asking if I would go and check on her husband who had not been answering the phone.
So ... Off I went with two other church men to see where this gentleman was - when we got in through a locked door and searched the house we found him in bed - there since Friday night. With my cell phone I called 911 and requested a ambulance and police to come. The ambulance came first and declared that the man had passed away - to which I called his wife who was visiting her son out west and told here the very sad news. ( and this was never covered in college ! ) then we waited for the police - you know they don't come as quickly like on C.S.I - oh well !
When they came in they had no kits like the shows , just a camera and note pad...
And while we waited for some one to come and transport the body our conversations didn't radiate around what had happened we just discussed things like home made bread small talk I guess.
While I am a great fan of csi it is more entertaining than real life and to this I hope that our church for those who come find us more real life than entertaining because the entertained is a little disappointing when life hurts and you need real strength and help.


Friday, February 25, 2005

A fear come true

After years of complaining my mother has gone online. And like Job and his comforters she has got her computer pals with lots of advice but its now a fear come true because its me she is calling as well for help.
And we are doing as sons and parents have done for years talk in two different languages about the same thing but now its not music or hair length or money or my work ethic or that I fish to much but now its computer stuff .
And right now music would be a lot easier than a crashed computer to talk about and less stress full.


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Different styles

What a great Saturday to spend some quality time at the tackle shop chatting about fishing. As I looked around I was amazed at the different styles of baits and the colors they come in . I can't wait till I can get out there and do some quality fishing giving them a good try...
But till then I'll keep meeting as I have and will continue too with two other pastors,
and Now here are some different styles for sure in preachers - one is a thinker ( a great theologian ) me I am like the old revival preachers fiery so my Pentecostal pals say and then every group needs a father figure kind off guy and I guess that's the other guy.
Different styles work in fishing and in preaching for sure but there is one style we need to be in tune with and that is our Savior Jesus.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hand delivered letters

I am so use to email that I didn't realize that snail prices have gone up, and so now all my old stamps are
inadequate for the job , unless they get some help from penny stamps.
There is something about receiving mail that is cool to wait for and read , like all the duplicate mailings I get from my church's head office. Its too bad they can never figure out there is only one of me not two or three.
This past week my kids liked getting their valentines day cards with $ in them. Mail can be fun until its a Hand delivered letter - which says " I love you and the church but we are leaving for another church......"
I wish the people who get called to move on could see the empty pew they leave behind both in the church and in people's lives.
While Pastoring the rural church is great the challenge is greater in keeping people.
I wish people would take My advice and Stay where they are at ! Because if your thinking of leaving or hearing a call to another bigger church, stay where you are and make that church great and bigger.
Now this will take a shift from a consumer faith to committed faith. BUT IT'S WORTH IT !!!


Thursday, February 10, 2005

5 cents short

Yesterday On my way in for a coffee I grabbed a bunch of change from the car and when I went to pay for it I was 5 cents short - it was a little embarrassing but thankfully the lady counted out five cents from the penny cup and wished me a good day.
That 5 cents got me to thinking how many times have people been just 5 cents short of what I have expected them to accomplish or act like or contribute only to have them come just short of the goal AND was I then willing to dip into my own resources and help them accomplish the goal or send them away empty.
So my coffee cup lesson is this " don't send people away just 5 cents short - help them out, it makes for a better day all round "


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cell phones and parallel parking

This is Tuesday my day to hit the big town and due errands. I don't oppose cell phones ( I have one ) But when someone is talking on their cell as they are pulling out ( from their parallel parking spot ) and
at the same time twisting their neck so they can see. not really being in full control at that moment--
you really hate to be driving - what ever happened to doing just one thing at a time ?
I know its Technology ! And in our church's we have done the same thing instead of doing one thing well we have with technolgy become multi tasked - and as this driver didn't see the danger for the oncoming cars -
we forget we might be creating a bunch of near hits and misses instead
of helping people do the one most important thing - Becoming Like Jesus.


Monday, February 07, 2005

Sunday School Taechers

Part of my duties as a pastor is going to a nursing home and holding a 30 min church service.
Sounds easy enough BUT when singing isn't your thing and they expect lots of singing it can be difficult.
But I am very thankful for a great piano player. So in picking out songs for this service I like to keep em fast, familiar and lively . So we sang "Jesus loves me" which many remembered singing in Sunday school.
And with a clock that seem to take forever to move to the next minute I asked if any of the seniors present had taught Sunday School before and sure three had.
I wish I had some kind of gift to give them in appreciation for teaching in the past.
There smiles made a difference to me.
I ask this : Where do forgotten Sunday school teachers Go ?
With all kinds of days that mark our calendars of events why can't mark another day on the calendar and remember our former Sunday school teachers one day of a year.


Friday, February 04, 2005

Today I saw a Robin

Its the first week of February and the signs of winter are still very visible where ever you look.
But today I saw a robin a sign of of spring and of better days ahead , days of lawn mowing instead of snow shoveling, days of warm breezes instead of frigid winds and the opening of fishing season !!!!
This past week I attended a class for pastors which is developing us for greater effectiveness.
I wonder as God viewed us through his window in heaven if the sight of eager young pastors meeting toghther gave to him the same hope off assurance the robin gave me of Better days ahead.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Old memories and a sad future

The church I pastor in it's past had been part of a circuit deal with two other church's .
Over time they all separated going their own ways because of growth . Which was Good.
So now to keep some kind of 'fellowship' alive we have a combined service 3 times a year in one of the three church's . And the host pastor never preaches but leads the service while one of the pastors will and to make the night complete we have coffee and food to follow.
But the memories held by the 80+ crowd of of a time gone bye makes me wonder what the future holds because there hasn't been much in these last years worth remembering, compared to the stories of revial that these church's had .
The preacher for the night gave a top notch sermon on revival.
And here is why I think we could be in for a sad future - unless we have a God sent revival these rural church's might not be here for another 100 years.
Our altars are bare - our prayer meetings are bare - and our people barely show up!
We Need Revival !


Saturday, January 29, 2005

A break from the winter blues

This will be the last weekend of January ! Glad to see it finished !
While April 1 is yet a long way off , the opening day fishing season it is :) and my anniversary.
there is relief from the winter blues....
A Friend dropped off for me to look over the 2005 BassPro catalogue, my winter break .
It's amazing how a catalogue can help pass the time away - I am sorry but an online catalogue just can't
compare to actually holding and flipping through thoes glossy pages of Bass catching stuff.
so between church services this sunday - you won't have to guess what i'll be reading or more like studying.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

30 min.'s isn't long enough to explain 83 years

I am not sure if all professionals find it hard to sit and watch someone due the same job as they have , but I find it hard for example like going to a funeral and watching someone else due what I so often have done and will due again conduct a funeral.
personally I'm not a fan of long winded prayers , sermons, emails or telephone calls - but some how when a Man or Woman spends a life time of 80+ year's certainly they deserve a little longer send off.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Hardest choice

When a nurses calls from the icu unit at the hospital and wants you there promptly , there is a sense that you get that what awaits isn't going to be a day on the lake.
And as I sensed it wasn't.
In the span of 26 hrs a lady who could walk now had her daughter tell the Dr's to remove all life support which must be the hardest choice to make.
I read to her as she laid in her bed the 23 Psalm.
Reading the psalm I said that she was now preparing to enter the finall promise of that Psalm of dwelling inthe house of the Lord Forever.
With a short prayer by me and a few last burst of air she was Gone.
No one was there but her son-in-law a nurse and me but just think who's arms whe was welcomed into !!


Monday, January 24, 2005

A Differnt Day and same Blizzard

Reports say that we have gotten 67 cm of snow.
While the wind moved the snow around enough that my car stayed clear , all my doors were blocked off.
Being blocked in for one day is fun but by the second day it isn't fun.
Why - because we can't stay alienated from the world for long .
And when I think it would be nice just to stop the world - in all truth I need access to the world out side my house.
And here is my lesson in this - while I can get out - there are many seniors and people who are sick and can't get out and by me picking up the phone to connect with them cheer's them up and make me a happy for doing it.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Jan 23

It's Sunday - that means I would be usually working but not today.
Why because I am a Rural Pastor and this is church time BUT we are having a major blizzrd so church is cancelled.

Its interesting that the days my family and I are getting ready for church I think how nice it would be to avoid The sunday moring rush. But here I am Bored, and wishing for church and why becuase its more than a job its my calling its where I am in the 'zone' as they say.