Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Easter time...

It is now just days away from the opening of Fishing season ! And to add to this excitement the ice is slowly melting off the lakes and giving us back the wonderful picture of open blue water.

Its Easter Time and as usually I take the Wednesday and Thursday nights before Good Friday to have services of reflection - in the past we have recreated what the last supper would of consisted of and this is really cool.
This years theme is the cross - but as I talk with other pastor buddies I find that they DON'T take the extra time to reflect on the Easter message as I believe we should.
If we as the church don't take the message of Easter seriously why then would the world.
Just think this was an event that Jesus would not have missed yet we miss the significance of it by allowing all kinds of events to squeeze Easter from the place of significance to just a date on the calendar.


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