Saturday, March 05, 2005

NHL church basement style...

Living in a parsonage attached to the church has its rewards (sometimes ) like a perfect basement that can be turned into ( by the help of some imagination ) a NHL rink ! Who needs big salaries when a table a big brother / little sister and dad can pass the evening away playing Hockey , all that's needed is a passion to play ! driven by a love for the game.

Passion is a great gift we give to our selves and others I think.
My church is just 15 min from one our Districts Mega church's and when I talk to people from there they seem amazed that a church can run on 50 instead of 600-700 people.

So what makes us run, well it was in full force just a little while ago, its our passion, not serving Christ with a lot of big league perks but passionately serving Christ For the Love of our relationship with Him.


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Pastor T. said...

For this you skipped refocus!?