Friday, March 11, 2005

100 %

Some weeks are but one long yawn of boredom and others are like speed, and these last two weeks have been anything but boring ! I knew at the outset of this week it was time for the church to have THE Pastoral Vote ! While I knew there were no problems looming , I have learned by now that one must always be ready for the unexpected , with out any hint of disapproval on the part of our church people they voted for me to stay on as their Pastor at 100% which is cool.
So here I am with 6 years behind us and at least as many more ahead ... And what will I due to meet this challenge simple Pray more , seek God, improve what I have been doing and seek to help People grow more like Christ and see people converted To Jesus.

And start planning this years fishing season that starts April 1 which is now just days away.


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