Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It was almost like C.S.I.

The past Sunday night after a full day of church that included my D. S. For one service and a bible college group singing at night later on there was a call at 10:30 pm from a lady asking if I would go and check on her husband who had not been answering the phone.
So ... Off I went with two other church men to see where this gentleman was - when we got in through a locked door and searched the house we found him in bed - there since Friday night. With my cell phone I called 911 and requested a ambulance and police to come. The ambulance came first and declared that the man had passed away - to which I called his wife who was visiting her son out west and told here the very sad news. ( and this was never covered in college ! ) then we waited for the police - you know they don't come as quickly like on C.S.I - oh well !
When they came in they had no kits like the shows , just a camera and note pad...
And while we waited for some one to come and transport the body our conversations didn't radiate around what had happened we just discussed things like home made bread small talk I guess.
While I am a great fan of csi it is more entertaining than real life and to this I hope that our church for those who come find us more real life than entertaining because the entertained is a little disappointing when life hurts and you need real strength and help.


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