Thursday, September 24, 2009

I couldn't believe my ears...

I attended a meeting Today of ministers with their wives and there was a discussion on negative expectations by church people , what a opening topic .
Some one complained that they always have to say grace - which others added their complaints of having to pray publicly...
O.K. enough is enough !!
So I blurted out " aren't we a room full of ministers and your complaing of praying " It got quite quick !
Give me a break , they also fussed over having to turn on lights, turn up a furnace, shovel snow.
Because it interfered with their time. boohoo and humbug to them.
Its a part of the JOB !
Serve the Lord with Gladness and p.s guys its a sin to complain!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what a week

What a week -- starting Sunday by doing a nursing home service I forgot about.
Then Sunday night taking my son to pick up hockey - where he got a puck to the throat while on the bench so off to the hospital and off to the iwk he went via a helicopter - with his mother of course to watch him and his throat after he had a breathing tube inserted and all kinds of pins and needles to him and in him.
And waiting for phone calls on his recovery and getting folks to pray and off Monday to the iwk in Halifax to be with him and his mother and thank the Lord he was released Monday and what had happened he fractured the bone that holds the muscle to the voice box.Serious yes but could of been a lot more. the doctors advice " wear all your equipment"
So now its wed. night our mid week night and in walk two men with identical coats shirts ,pants and bible cases to our bible study they said nothing, took lots of notes and i asked one what church he went to and he said home bible studies where they go around teaching people the bible - but they couldn't find Malachi .
So who were they ????
Will they return ????
What was their purpose ?
They said they'll be in the area for 8 weeks ??
Should I be concerned ???
so many should s ....

Well I see while I'm trying to figure things out here I see on twitter my kids are at MacDoanlds... the joy of twittering
my final thoughts for to night - I finish James this week having preached trough it for September and its been great I love preaching expository though the Lectionary passages.
so off to new episodes of favorite shows I Hope....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Currently Reading

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

wed. Night

I can't believe a week ago that my 2 teens were getting ready for their first day of school.
Since that  day my family and I spent  the weekend tenting by a lake and it was fabulous !
watching the moon rise over the lake and its reflection on the water can not be described  well enough - But I know who gets the glory and it is God for such beauty.

Our mid week group has been  going through the bible and tonight we did the book of Haggai and what a challenge Haggai gives us for priority setting, in our lives  So  I tried to help them see that  Sunday morning is not the only priority in life and  that we have daily ones to attend, and most of all we can't judge others by our own priorities.
It was interesting to me when I asked them what they had for their life priority's that the  seniors went silent, could it be that  by having no defined ones in their lives they are open to worry and faithlessness and ,and.....this needs more thinking time.

This week my sermon is coming from James 3:1-12
Hope to put an outline up when finished.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


The first day of school !
I realized  yesterday that my kids are really teenagers  when I offered them a afternoon of fishing and they opted for a trip to town even the mall.
So They start off  a new year and new adventures.
And its in God's hands I must trust them into daily that He will care and protect them.

This week I am reading " so you don't want to go to church anymore "
I am not a fan of fiction but this is one of those occasions that I do read one but to keep in the balance I also have on the Go this book ON KEEPING THE HEART by John Flavel