Wednesday, September 09, 2009

wed. Night

I can't believe a week ago that my 2 teens were getting ready for their first day of school.
Since that  day my family and I spent  the weekend tenting by a lake and it was fabulous !
watching the moon rise over the lake and its reflection on the water can not be described  well enough - But I know who gets the glory and it is God for such beauty.

Our mid week group has been  going through the bible and tonight we did the book of Haggai and what a challenge Haggai gives us for priority setting, in our lives  So  I tried to help them see that  Sunday morning is not the only priority in life and  that we have daily ones to attend, and most of all we can't judge others by our own priorities.
It was interesting to me when I asked them what they had for their life priority's that the  seniors went silent, could it be that  by having no defined ones in their lives they are open to worry and faithlessness and ,and.....this needs more thinking time.

This week my sermon is coming from James 3:1-12
Hope to put an outline up when finished.

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