Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now Reading

I am now reading ....
The Apocalypse of Ahmadinejad  by Mark Hitchock
So far I like how he uses other sources and and notes them as he writes.
Also I  find him very clear in the message he is sending in  his book  the end times are near.

Today my son told me of a kid in his school whose mom was hit  and killed the night before. Sad in deed but its his story ( or his version) that gets my attention as he told me he only liked his Mon, and i asked about the dad oh he didn't like him he said.
Where does that leave a kid with a mother gone and  father ' he doesn't like' now I didn't turn this into a sermon on loving and obeying your parents, because as quickly as he told me he moved on to something else  the new hockey cards he got.
But  this reminds me all the more  how christian kids need prayer in public school , for  they are completely surrounded by kids with unchristian world views.

This is NAAW - National Addiction Awareness Week.
I asked my bible study group if addictions were health problems or spiritual. It lead into a interesting discussion and look to the bible.
I tried to make the point that because of addictions in our neighborhood we need all the more to pray that these are broken by God's power and people come to faith in God.

I think next year if I remember this week  what a great sermon it would make for . What are you addicted to?


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today I have been playing around with my blog after a long absence,
and was I ever glad I could add my favorite game !!

Here are some of the books I have read of late...
Strong Faith By Spurgeon
Wordliness by C.J.Mahaney
Preaching the Cross
The doctrine of predestination
Backsliding ( Disease or Cure)
True Repentance
Whats so great about the doctrine of Grace
The invisible war
The Five dilemmas of Calvinism

Besides Reading I have picked up the new ESV Study Bible and I love it !

Today the wind is out of the north making it cold here with snow flurries in my part of n.s. Besides the wind blowing things around I have been throwing some thoughts around , wondering if and when the church I am Pastoring will see a move of God in our midst, Sunday I preached on 2 chronicles If my people ...humble...pray ....Then.
As it now seems like a month since Sunday I've had a burden to restore what was once some fellowship between our church - and the then two charge baptist church that split apart.
Which we are smooched between !
When we first came all three of us had combined services at least twice a year , but not since the split, but now with a new pastor and fellow Bethany Bible College pal , Perhaps its time to humble our selves and extend an invitation to them * which I have * as Long as functions are in our church they are invited.

But can God move when people can find any reason for leaving church ? I hope to Find out!