Saturday, January 29, 2005

A break from the winter blues

This will be the last weekend of January ! Glad to see it finished !
While April 1 is yet a long way off , the opening day fishing season it is :) and my anniversary.
there is relief from the winter blues....
A Friend dropped off for me to look over the 2005 BassPro catalogue, my winter break .
It's amazing how a catalogue can help pass the time away - I am sorry but an online catalogue just can't
compare to actually holding and flipping through thoes glossy pages of Bass catching stuff.
so between church services this sunday - you won't have to guess what i'll be reading or more like studying.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

30 min.'s isn't long enough to explain 83 years

I am not sure if all professionals find it hard to sit and watch someone due the same job as they have , but I find it hard for example like going to a funeral and watching someone else due what I so often have done and will due again conduct a funeral.
personally I'm not a fan of long winded prayers , sermons, emails or telephone calls - but some how when a Man or Woman spends a life time of 80+ year's certainly they deserve a little longer send off.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Hardest choice

When a nurses calls from the icu unit at the hospital and wants you there promptly , there is a sense that you get that what awaits isn't going to be a day on the lake.
And as I sensed it wasn't.
In the span of 26 hrs a lady who could walk now had her daughter tell the Dr's to remove all life support which must be the hardest choice to make.
I read to her as she laid in her bed the 23 Psalm.
Reading the psalm I said that she was now preparing to enter the finall promise of that Psalm of dwelling inthe house of the Lord Forever.
With a short prayer by me and a few last burst of air she was Gone.
No one was there but her son-in-law a nurse and me but just think who's arms whe was welcomed into !!


Monday, January 24, 2005

A Differnt Day and same Blizzard

Reports say that we have gotten 67 cm of snow.
While the wind moved the snow around enough that my car stayed clear , all my doors were blocked off.
Being blocked in for one day is fun but by the second day it isn't fun.
Why - because we can't stay alienated from the world for long .
And when I think it would be nice just to stop the world - in all truth I need access to the world out side my house.
And here is my lesson in this - while I can get out - there are many seniors and people who are sick and can't get out and by me picking up the phone to connect with them cheer's them up and make me a happy for doing it.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Jan 23

It's Sunday - that means I would be usually working but not today.
Why because I am a Rural Pastor and this is church time BUT we are having a major blizzrd so church is cancelled.

Its interesting that the days my family and I are getting ready for church I think how nice it would be to avoid The sunday moring rush. But here I am Bored, and wishing for church and why becuase its more than a job its my calling its where I am in the 'zone' as they say.