Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Hardest choice

When a nurses calls from the icu unit at the hospital and wants you there promptly , there is a sense that you get that what awaits isn't going to be a day on the lake.
And as I sensed it wasn't.
In the span of 26 hrs a lady who could walk now had her daughter tell the Dr's to remove all life support which must be the hardest choice to make.
I read to her as she laid in her bed the 23 Psalm.
Reading the psalm I said that she was now preparing to enter the finall promise of that Psalm of dwelling inthe house of the Lord Forever.
With a short prayer by me and a few last burst of air she was Gone.
No one was there but her son-in-law a nurse and me but just think who's arms whe was welcomed into !!


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