Friday, January 27, 2006

it's Friday!

Here I am again , its so close to being sunday that you think I would have every thing ready for the service . But procrastiantion is a blessing and a curse at times.

I am always looking for life lessons that can be applied to the church or me .

And I found one this week at my car dealerships parts department.
and the lesson is CUSTOMER SERVICE...

My lower rad hose blew in my car on Tuesday and Thank The Lord it happened at church members home who is a truck mechanic and when he saw the problem he sent me to town to get the part in his van becaus e my car was going no where...

And the first place I went to was my dealership who basiclly said I better like walking becasue they didn't have the part and wouldn't have it till thursday by 2:00 pm or later.
If they meant to be funny they weren't.

So then off I trucked to another auto parts store and they didn't have it either soooo
then I went to a third auto store which is the one who I got the part from but before they ordered it for me they called the last auto parts store in town just to see for me if they had it and they didn't ....
( why my dealership didn't do that I don't know why )
So they orderd the lower rad hose and I had it in wed. morning by 9:30 not Thursday after 2:00 .

my lesson is :Customer service is not the palce to be making jokes in ( which can be seen as rudeness) , but a place to be concerned and willing to help.

I hope now as a Pastor I keep this in mind that when people come my way and I offer humor which can be miss-interperated as rudeness instead of concern it turns people off , but concer is like a senko in front of a hungry bass they will take it every time.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Election time

This is the day I enjoy being Canadian with the oppurtunity to vote.
Its something I have done since being legally old enough too.
And Now for the rest of the evening its a wait and see what happens... that can be nerve racking.

I have gone through votes before my self !
My pastoral vote was held a year ago which the church gave me a 100 % to stay which was cool.

Yet I can remember waiting for the results - much like Martin a bad vote could mean means no home or job and no $$$ .

Thankfully all went well...

I somethiomes wish more jobs could be held on a vote system -
like grade six elementry teachers - wouldn't they change their attitudes if there job was voted on every year by the class ( parents ) that just finished ... the parents should have a say !

or that rude postal worker....
or that bus driver ...
or clerk ...
or nurse...
or doctor...
But our society doesn't work that way, but we do have a choice which might not impact their lives but we can feel better because we choose this over that...

Which is why we vote - to make a choice of this over that.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sundays over

Thankyfully this day will soon be over and on with a new!

This morning I finished a three part series on Faith, Hope and Love (today)
Enjoyed a coffee with folks after the service and then spent the afternoon watching the history channel !

Then it was 7:00 pm time for a combined musical service with the local baptist church.
I like music but there is some I just can't get in the mood with and tonigh it was that.
While Sitting in church fighting the urge to play on my pda because of bordem I listened and wondered if when Jesus said we were to be salt to the earth is this what he meant - choirs that don't smile , hymns that no one knows , specials so old that Noah wouldn't know them, is this really being salt?

Well its over !


Saturday, January 21, 2006

I have been away...

I know I haven't been on here much of late.
Among my many reasons its just the busyness of life.

And from Oct till April I live in a kind off cocoon state (why) Fishing season is over :(
It might not affect others but I just don't like winter!
When I can go its like I am alive !
I see on a site that calculates the number of days , hours and minutes till fishing season opens its now as of todat at 70 days :) so hopefully now I can start to come alive.

My closest town which is 15 minutes away This week has opened a wal-mart , so now for the first time in my life I live less than one hour from one.

This you might think is weird but with the big 40 on my radar this year I kind been thinking about some of the things I have never done...
I have never flown.
Never been to Florida
Never been arrested ( that's a good thing)
Never gone beyond my B.A. degree in religion.
Never had a broken bone.
Never played a x- box ( or the like)
Never been on a city bus
Never drank a beer or alcohol. ( That's an legacy I hope my kids will have too)
Never won a spelling bee.
Never won a grammar contest.
Never successfully read through the entire bible in a year. (started but not finished)

Now I am not going to make this a must do list before I die but its just what I kinda been running through my mind of late.

I have asked other men if turning 40 bothered them ? They didn't reply which didn't help.
But I kind off felt it today playing street hockey for two hours with other kids and adults.
I walk 3 times a week but that didn't help today with playing hockey.

To me this is a turning point in my future the big 40 - So I am back to watching my diet and the families more carefully ( a personal annoyance I Have is -- over weight sloppy ministers so I try not to appear as such) and exercising and working on my attitude and to keep reading and learning.

So I am am hopefully charging ahead in to my 40's with the right stuff.