Saturday, January 21, 2006

I have been away...

I know I haven't been on here much of late.
Among my many reasons its just the busyness of life.

And from Oct till April I live in a kind off cocoon state (why) Fishing season is over :(
It might not affect others but I just don't like winter!
When I can go its like I am alive !
I see on a site that calculates the number of days , hours and minutes till fishing season opens its now as of todat at 70 days :) so hopefully now I can start to come alive.

My closest town which is 15 minutes away This week has opened a wal-mart , so now for the first time in my life I live less than one hour from one.

This you might think is weird but with the big 40 on my radar this year I kind been thinking about some of the things I have never done...
I have never flown.
Never been to Florida
Never been arrested ( that's a good thing)
Never gone beyond my B.A. degree in religion.
Never had a broken bone.
Never played a x- box ( or the like)
Never been on a city bus
Never drank a beer or alcohol. ( That's an legacy I hope my kids will have too)
Never won a spelling bee.
Never won a grammar contest.
Never successfully read through the entire bible in a year. (started but not finished)

Now I am not going to make this a must do list before I die but its just what I kinda been running through my mind of late.

I have asked other men if turning 40 bothered them ? They didn't reply which didn't help.
But I kind off felt it today playing street hockey for two hours with other kids and adults.
I walk 3 times a week but that didn't help today with playing hockey.

To me this is a turning point in my future the big 40 - So I am back to watching my diet and the families more carefully ( a personal annoyance I Have is -- over weight sloppy ministers so I try not to appear as such) and exercising and working on my attitude and to keep reading and learning.

So I am am hopefully charging ahead in to my 40's with the right stuff.


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