Friday, January 27, 2006

it's Friday!

Here I am again , its so close to being sunday that you think I would have every thing ready for the service . But procrastiantion is a blessing and a curse at times.

I am always looking for life lessons that can be applied to the church or me .

And I found one this week at my car dealerships parts department.
and the lesson is CUSTOMER SERVICE...

My lower rad hose blew in my car on Tuesday and Thank The Lord it happened at church members home who is a truck mechanic and when he saw the problem he sent me to town to get the part in his van becaus e my car was going no where...

And the first place I went to was my dealership who basiclly said I better like walking becasue they didn't have the part and wouldn't have it till thursday by 2:00 pm or later.
If they meant to be funny they weren't.

So then off I trucked to another auto parts store and they didn't have it either soooo
then I went to a third auto store which is the one who I got the part from but before they ordered it for me they called the last auto parts store in town just to see for me if they had it and they didn't ....
( why my dealership didn't do that I don't know why )
So they orderd the lower rad hose and I had it in wed. morning by 9:30 not Thursday after 2:00 .

my lesson is :Customer service is not the palce to be making jokes in ( which can be seen as rudeness) , but a place to be concerned and willing to help.

I hope now as a Pastor I keep this in mind that when people come my way and I offer humor which can be miss-interperated as rudeness instead of concern it turns people off , but concer is like a senko in front of a hungry bass they will take it every time.



Atlantic Guy said...

God point, Dale. We all need to remember this!

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