Friday, February 03, 2006

A Night out watching hockey

Tonight we went as a family and watched our local Jr. A Hockey team play ( )

But it Just wasn't any game because they were playing against our kids cousin which to them means big bragging rights at school.

So after the Game with pen and paper they waited for autographs - and these players did well to sign them !

It hockey - the fights , the roar of the crowd and the Rock and roll music !!

In the middle of the second period they started playing the chicken dance song !

And people ( not me ) started dancing with it !

And here is my idea that has come from that "wouldn't it be cool in the middle of a sevice just to have it played for 30 seconds..." Just enough so you know what it is and....

Maybe this could be a memorable finally to my ministry her when I leave ( maybe)

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