Monday, February 13, 2006

Still using a overhead projector

While all the rage today is using a power point for sermons etc....
We still use a overhead projector for our services along with Hymn books.
Now my point isn't that we don't have power point... But our people still use their bibles when I am preaching.
And this I BELIEVE is vital for Christians to know.

It's interesting the comments that I get from visiting people of how its nice to see bible's used in church's because there's have been replaced by power point.

So I wonder as we 'progress' and no longer need the use of our bibles what's next to go ?

I believe its hard enough to get people to feed on the bible so not bringing their bible to church would make it all the harder.

As I think about this I guess I'm a little more old fashion in some of my church thinking, and while studying up on the dangers of the Emerging Church - I would not want to have it any other way than being old fashioned.



reg said...

Good point. I just wish I wasn't the one that always has to change the overheads!
Of ocourse with feelings like this you'll probably flunk your course!

Mark O. Wilson said...

We use video projection for our songs -- and for a while, I was doing that for my sermon too -- but quit, because of what you're talking about. I want my people to bring their Bibles to church and to open them.

We're reading through the Bible together -- and it's great to hear the pages turning as I'm pointing out various passages of Scripture.