Monday, February 20, 2006

I put my foot in my mouth again

Here I am on Monday Morning reviewing yesterday !
And even before I started my wife got ahead of me when she said I was out of place to say at dinner yesterday that
" going to dances was going to hell"....

Here we were with fellow Wesleyans who are 'members' like us and they are talking about dances !
And so I made a bold statement on dances....
( which made for a quite few minutes)

What has happened to us that we have lost our level ground with in the church that we all shared the same convictions and practices ???
I think My favorite Author said it best " ...We have learned to live with unholiness ..."
And so as I preach on the Holiness of God it gets people uncomfortable....
And here is our problem we have gone with a gospel of comfort instead of a gospel confrontation...

Now here is where I am glad to be in smaller church not that I want it to remain small because I think Holiness preaching is still more acceptable.

But it should be acceptable everywhere !


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Mark O. Wilson said...

Going to dances means going to hell? Uh Oh. I'm in a pickle.