Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What a great winter !!

Here it is the 7th of Febuary and not a bit of snow !!
We have even escaped a cold snap so far....

But if it does get cold I have the answere :) I bought a cheap outdoor thermometer which for some reason the mercury in it has gotten stuck at 80F. So no matter how it is out side its always 8o.

On my weekly venture to town today I saw a lot of people who have gotten stuck at some point in there lives and have never kept up to date, what a shame !

But I don't even have to go out off my church to see that for most sundays there will be those who are stuck on 80 some where in thier lives and measure everything by that .

I think that life is to much of an adventure to live it by the past, It need s to be lived now !

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