Friday, February 10, 2006

Another funeral...

Today my focus has been preparing and assisting in a funeral.
I did it with a retired Pastor who was cool to work with.

But this was no ordinary l funeral - because for some reason there some members of the family who will not speak to me no matter what - they have such a bitter spirit that they avoid going in the same store if I am in it.

The message of the funeral centered around reconciliation by the retired pastor and I pray it sinks in....

But in all this its not so much how they treat me BUT my attitude toward them.

One of my church ladies reminds me that these people are like sand paper that help to take off our rough places as we grow in grace.

These folks provide great illustrations in telling the kids how to deal with bullies so that helps.

So now that this deed is over - its on with the rest of the day....


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