Thursday, February 16, 2006

Praying for Revival

Tonight will be our second night of prayer for revival to come in our church.

As a pastor I love to see from the people this desire for revival to come to our church.

But are our people ready ?

Week after week , sermon after sermon altar calls are given and no one moves :(

The people are eager for sinners to get convicted but I think and believe this " until our own people get convicted of their sins and cry out in repentance first - how can we expect the unsaved to do the same "

I am thirsty for revival in our ministry here to take place but as a Pastor I know it has to be done in God's timing.

As a Pastor I think a consistency needs to be established... With the people like coming out to our regular mid week prayer meetings not just on special occasions can revival not be prayed for on these nights to?

A new initiative of bringing people to church needs to start now -
I don't think this habit will happen magically over night because we have " a special speaker"

Can we pray for revival and yet rob God with tithes at the same time ?


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