Tuesday, June 26, 2007

we came in third

A follow up to my last post on our church bass tournament , we came in third.
It was great day with my son on the lake and we had few fish but lots of fun.

Away back on one of my post I mentioned have christian scientist with us in church, well they came back and sat up front.

I did not know they were coming, but I don't think they'll be back, my sermon on hell goes against their teachings. But They did get the award for the fastest exit .
My wife sat behind them and overheard their comments while they were sitting there agitated and mocking the gospel, yes they could sing the songs in our hymn book but their God and ours differs greatly.
O well it's my church & my doctrine to preach . But I was reminded again that the gospel if preached should and has to be offensive to some for it is God's truth.

These days find me in the pre-Beulah rush, replacements, fishing, picking out books to read at Beulah ,etc.
If your at Beulah and you read my blog let me know !!!!!


Friday, June 22, 2007

the Night before...

Tomorrow is our annual bass fishing tournament for the church :)
It's a great time of fun and bragging afterwards. We have prizes and snacks to with the day.
And this year my partner is my son. so it should be fun.

But more than fishing this week I have been thinking about my preaching style , where I am now to how I preached in the past.
And so I have come up with a few theories, first I have gotten away from my style of "point and aim" to a more wordy set of sermon notes.
which I don't enjoy as in the past.

You know describing yourself preach is difficult but I know when I'm off and of late I have been more on and to that I thank God because I am going back to the way God made me to preach.

And Preaching is what I do and enjoy most - along with the studying and delivering ,
and I really like the point and aim style or as some have said "old fashion holiness preaching"

But what has really got me thinking this week is that when people stand before God, I don't want them to say that in 9 years he never said we had to make a choice, that there was a hell and heaven and that sin was dangerous.

So as Sunday comes -- I look forward to seeing what God can do through me.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A trip back home

A trip back home for me takes a little over an hour from my present dwelling place. It's one I don't take often. But there are exceptions like the one that took me there again, the church I grew up in from the age of 8 till 21 had a 50th Year Anniversary Weekend.
So with my wife and kids off we went , its interesting how roads that leave back home are so full of memories , like the one I shared with my kids about the guy in the sign for Shelburne who most the time had his legs removed by some pranksters.

Then there is the restaurant that I frequented and grew to appreciate battered deep fried mushrooms in :)

Then there is the church!

Taking my kids in the church I showed them where we got married in the basement. And some of the little things that their grandfather did in the building that soon no one will know about.

Then there was seeing the people who I had not seen in 20 some years....
And introducing my Kids to them :)

Its funny that 31 years ago when we went to church there in Sandy Point, they still have the same lady playing the piano just like old times.

The service was good and like most evening services had it not been for the visitors, the crowd would off been small...

But There was something in the night I wasn't prepared for , as we sang the last hymn a list via the power point projector listed all who had gone on before. Most I knew , some were even a surprise to me, then I read my grand mothers name, and tears of emotion ran ( freaking out my kids) its been a while since she passed away, more wouldn't know here now than do, including my kids.
She never Got to see the new building (as it is today) and didn't live in that area long yet that was where she went to church and stood to testify at every chance.
But what she has seen is that Land of Beauty, we call Heaven and that beats church renovations any day.

The drive home seemed forever that night, to where we now call home.
It was historic,emotional, and a good walk down memory lane.

Would I go back to live , no ! The town is really turning into a ghost town.
And on the out skirts stands the Sandy Point Church , where for me I got grounded, and had a great honor to hear my nan (B) testify.

I wouldn't go back but because of it I am where I am today !


Friday, June 08, 2007

PLaces I went on Thursday

On Thursday while in town I took my camer to look at Yarmouth through my camera , trying to capture where I go and things that are cool.
The side ways soldier is outside of the Library ,
while I took my picture there were two other guys taking pictures as well I hope the guy stood the right way for them...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here is what happned in front of church today

What's new.

I see that for a while ( since the furnace replacement) I have been some what absent.
So what has filled my time since then?

There was our Income tax and Church year end reports all to be done, which now that they are complete its time to breath again.

Between Sundays I have been reading a lot and just finished John MacArthur's new book: the truth war. Which I found very informative, but repetitive of his radio broadcast, however He is quickly climbing up my list of favorite authors. And why is he climbing such a chart , to me he is very biblical in his writings meaning he always goes back to what the scripture says.
It really bugs me reading a christian book with zero Scripture references.

For the past Five Sundays I have been preaching through the 10 commandments and this week we are at number six "thou shalt not ______________ ."
I am pretty sure that I have no homicidal people in the church but many are capable of having invisible killers lurking with in. So that's my angle on this sermon.

I am not sure now how long its been in the work but on Wednesday nights we are studying the Doctrine of satan, which has been Great ! A real eye opener to how we need to lean on the Lord and not our own understanding.

And in those times of thinking the Lord has brought me back to my purpose which is to
Preach the word 2 Tim.4:2 and make full proof of thy ministry.
And in such times there are a million questions that go through my mind , which I hope get answered soon.

And way back on previous blogs I bragged about finding great books at great deals ( under $ 2.00 bucks)
Well I still am actively book hunting and found two great deals last week
one was Stephen R Covey updated 7 habits of Highly effective people

And John Maxwells book Failing Forward.

Both of these books cost me 25 cents each.

and may I add before leaving I have gotten some fishing in as well :)


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sounds Good

Nothing is more needed among preachers today
than that we should have the courage to
shake ourselves free from the thousand
and one trivialities in which we are asked
to waste our time and strength, and resolutely
return to the apostolic ideal which made
necessary the office of the diaconate.
[We must resolve that]
"we will continue stedfastly (sic) in prayer, and in
the ministry of the Word." --G. Campbell Morgan