Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What's new.

I see that for a while ( since the furnace replacement) I have been some what absent.
So what has filled my time since then?

There was our Income tax and Church year end reports all to be done, which now that they are complete its time to breath again.

Between Sundays I have been reading a lot and just finished John MacArthur's new book: the truth war. Which I found very informative, but repetitive of his radio broadcast, however He is quickly climbing up my list of favorite authors. And why is he climbing such a chart , to me he is very biblical in his writings meaning he always goes back to what the scripture says.
It really bugs me reading a christian book with zero Scripture references.

For the past Five Sundays I have been preaching through the 10 commandments and this week we are at number six "thou shalt not ______________ ."
I am pretty sure that I have no homicidal people in the church but many are capable of having invisible killers lurking with in. So that's my angle on this sermon.

I am not sure now how long its been in the work but on Wednesday nights we are studying the Doctrine of satan, which has been Great ! A real eye opener to how we need to lean on the Lord and not our own understanding.

And in those times of thinking the Lord has brought me back to my purpose which is to
Preach the word 2 Tim.4:2 and make full proof of thy ministry.
And in such times there are a million questions that go through my mind , which I hope get answered soon.

And way back on previous blogs I bragged about finding great books at great deals ( under $ 2.00 bucks)
Well I still am actively book hunting and found two great deals last week
one was Stephen R Covey updated 7 habits of Highly effective people

And John Maxwells book Failing Forward.

Both of these books cost me 25 cents each.

and may I add before leaving I have gotten some fishing in as well :)


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