Friday, June 22, 2007

the Night before...

Tomorrow is our annual bass fishing tournament for the church :)
It's a great time of fun and bragging afterwards. We have prizes and snacks to with the day.
And this year my partner is my son. so it should be fun.

But more than fishing this week I have been thinking about my preaching style , where I am now to how I preached in the past.
And so I have come up with a few theories, first I have gotten away from my style of "point and aim" to a more wordy set of sermon notes.
which I don't enjoy as in the past.

You know describing yourself preach is difficult but I know when I'm off and of late I have been more on and to that I thank God because I am going back to the way God made me to preach.

And Preaching is what I do and enjoy most - along with the studying and delivering ,
and I really like the point and aim style or as some have said "old fashion holiness preaching"

But what has really got me thinking this week is that when people stand before God, I don't want them to say that in 9 years he never said we had to make a choice, that there was a hell and heaven and that sin was dangerous.

So as Sunday comes -- I look forward to seeing what God can do through me.


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