Thursday, March 27, 2008

Saw this Today....

The Christian who is not committed to a group of other believers for praying, sharing, and serving, so that he is known, as he knows others, is not an obedient Christian. He is not in the will of God. However vocal he may be in his theology, he is not obeying the Lord. ~ Ray Ortland

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Now Reading..

Putting a Face on Grace

by: Richard Blackaby

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Neighbor

My Neighbor is burning grass as I blog. It amazes me that while we have no snow there are others who have Mountains of snow. I guess its perspective on how you see it all. But on this side I think I like it this way a lot better.

Today I tried to chase down a lady at the hospital for a pastoral call, but here name wasn't on the clergy list, the information ladies list nor on the admitting person's list.
So I called a friend and found out it was on the undertakers list. I have never meet the lady but she has been regularly requested for prayer. And here lies one off the (for Me) downers of ministry being too late. But probably to late eternally which was more important and heart breaking.

I was able to once again this year take our mid week group deeper into the profound debts of this week . We studied Palm Sunday , and again I am amazed at how little we all really know about the important facts of our spiritual life. We are so superficial just knowing enough to sound religious but not enough to defend our faith.

Now The reason the word superficial is on my mind , is that in our monthly ministers meeting( zone)
we were asked if the church has become to superficial in our world. (Good question) Well I am not sure what some were thinking in their answers , but they kinda of proved the point. They could only make presumptions and a lot of 'you knows' and 'they's' I think had the apostles preached a 'you know' and a 'they' along with a host of other hunch statements who would of listened ?
So I am reminded that I myself need to make sure I am not a superficial husband,dad,pastor, son,brother, and friend.


I am now reading ...

Basic Christianity by John r.w. Stott
I know its not new, and while I hadn't read it, there are two reasons for reading it.
The price was right a quarter, and its a apologetic book.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now raeding

I try to keep two books on the go... one fiction and one nonfiction.

The fiction book I just picked up Monday at used book store and started today is....

The Scorpion's Gate by Richard A. Clarke.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Farewell to Mr. Rockwood

Perry F. Rockwood, radio pastor and founder of Peoples Gospel Hour, dead at 90
Published Monday March 10th, 2008

HALIFAX - Perry F. Rockwood, a pastor whose weekly radio sermon, the Peoples Gospel Hour, has been heard around the world has died in Halifax at the age of 90.

Rockwood, who was born in New Glasgow, N.S., died Friday in hospital after a brief illness, about two weeks shy of his 91st birthday.

Ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1943, Rockwood suffered a bitter break from the church a few years later after charging the faith's leaders with apostasy during a four-sermon series.

The split made front-page news across Canada.

The fundamentalist preacher soon founded a radio program called the Peoples Gospel Hour, which first aired Sept. 5, 1947, on CKCL Radio based in Truro, N.S.

Aside from that program, which airs Sundays, Rockwood's project has grown to include Monday through Friday radio broadcasts and the publication of religious booklets.

His radio programs have been heard on stations in Canada, the United States and throughout the world, including Africa, Asia and Europe.

Rockwood also founded and served as the pastor of the Missionary Bible Church in Halifax.

During the Pope's visit to the region in 1984, Rockwood joined some 50 other people in a small parking lot behind the church to speak out against the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church and the sacraments.

Rockwood was to be buried Tuesday in Halifax following a funeral service.

Now reading

I am now reading a book titled:
The Cross he Bore by Frederick S Leahy.

I picked up this jem from a baptist church in the area that has a book store in it. Not much but the books they carry are treasures most are reform in their theology. and it was here I picked up this book, so as I started reading it last night I googled the authors name and found he passed away January 4 , 2006. His Obituary is amazing he was born in 1922.
He pastored only three congregations till he retired in 1988. He was noted as an avid reader and an author himself.

To me it's godly men like this, that inspire me. Not the Televangelist who occupy TV with their foolishness and softened gospel, but Men who preached the word in season and out of season .
Men with depth to their message for they knew whom they spoke off.
Men who could write more in a three page chapter, than those who write a 300 page book and say nothing.