Monday, March 10, 2008

Now reading

I am now reading a book titled:
The Cross he Bore by Frederick S Leahy.

I picked up this jem from a baptist church in the area that has a book store in it. Not much but the books they carry are treasures most are reform in their theology. and it was here I picked up this book, so as I started reading it last night I googled the authors name and found he passed away January 4 , 2006. His Obituary is amazing he was born in 1922.
He pastored only three congregations till he retired in 1988. He was noted as an avid reader and an author himself.

To me it's godly men like this, that inspire me. Not the Televangelist who occupy TV with their foolishness and softened gospel, but Men who preached the word in season and out of season .
Men with depth to their message for they knew whom they spoke off.
Men who could write more in a three page chapter, than those who write a 300 page book and say nothing.


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