Saturday, October 27, 2007

A great Call

This week I took a phone call that I wish came more often, a man called and thanked me for planting seeds in him a few years back that eventually lead to him giving his life to Jesus Christ and being Baptised this Sunday in a Baptist church.
He was so excited to be saved !
What a refreshing change from people who never excite God or get excited by God.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reading This week

Spiritual Warfare ( For every Christian)
by Dean Sherman

Friday, October 19, 2007

Reading This week

God's Guidance A slow & Certain Light
by Elisabeth Elliot

Hagee reply

Thanks for the note on Hagee I didn't know the fact you mentioned about him, so I 'll now add the two books I have of his to my section of books titled " Doctrinally Dazed " along side with Joyce M. ,Robert S. and Frost.


My turn to host

On Thursday I was left to be in charge of a monthly breakfast meeting of ministers .
This is a monthly event for Wesleyan Pastors in our area and that day there 14 of us .
I had a great inspiring devotional to read which would inspire all . But instead I felt lead to ask three questions and have everyone respond with answers around the table, the first was what they enjoyed of a Ministerial we all attended last month.
My Second question was Just for them to give a note of praise for something in their lives.
( Interestingly there was a lot of " that was my praise thing too) How come we pastors get all silent when its our turn to praise the Lord when were off the platform ?
Then I asked them what one peace of advice would they give a new pastor starting out in ministry. Telling them that what they were sharing was likely one of their core values in life.
Many shared advice about family time, Or being submissive ( from the older one in our midst) , time guarding and mine being sure that you are called. So from what was said most of the pastors are really family oriented before anything Else's in their ministry.

Issues came out as we shared indicating ( I think) that pastors don't get to really share what's on their heart like we should ( me included) .
So with everything said... we all went our different ways to minister in our own way to different church's of all sizes and types . I really enjoyed doing this, Because I think that we pastors don't get a lot of encouragement, and instead of criticizing each other we should build up each other.
A ministry family is truly a great blessing to have and protect.

That was Thursday and now its Friday, and Tomorrow starts my sons hockey season or as I like to think his path to the NHL.
But Tonight I am left with a puzzle to solve, when ordering a pizza tonight the lady knew my name, now I don't go there enough for anyone to know me , but she knew it ! So I asked how she knew me and interesting we went to high school together 20+ years ago ! And I can not remember her at all, apparently she said I haven't changed my looks so she knew me.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Reading This week...

This week I am reading through a book titled Spiritual Warfare by Ray Stedman.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Radio Sunday

This is our sunday to be recorded and broadcast tonight on the radio , as a part of the local radio sation programing that goes out to three counties.

So if you want to hear it. Its on at 6:00 pm atalntic time available on


Saturday, October 13, 2007

today at the beach I took these pics

Thumbs Up Glen Beck

I didn't know that last night John Hagee was the guest for Glenn Beck on his TV show.
It was Good to see he had what I thought an intelligent conversation with an intelligent pastor.
So I liked that Rev. Hagee didn't make all other pastors look dumb or foolish, I thought.
And he visibly had his bible with him and spoke the truth on how to be saved.
I always have been a fan of Rev. Hagee because when I watched him preach he used his bible .
And to me that is of significant importance in preaching !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

old friends

What a great lunch I had today with an old friend from Bethany Bible College Keith Moore and his wife, he has in the last year battled cancer and is waiting to hear from future test as to the success of his treatments, And He is so positive over it.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Came across this quote today as I prepare for Sunday

"Preach to yourselves the sermons which you study before you preach them to others." -Richard Baxter