Tuesday, June 26, 2007

we came in third

A follow up to my last post on our church bass tournament , we came in third.
It was great day with my son on the lake and we had few fish but lots of fun.

Away back on one of my post I mentioned have christian scientist with us in church, well they came back and sat up front.

I did not know they were coming, but I don't think they'll be back, my sermon on hell goes against their teachings. But They did get the award for the fastest exit .
My wife sat behind them and overheard their comments while they were sitting there agitated and mocking the gospel, yes they could sing the songs in our hymn book but their God and ours differs greatly.
O well it's my church & my doctrine to preach . But I was reminded again that the gospel if preached should and has to be offensive to some for it is God's truth.

These days find me in the pre-Beulah rush, replacements, fishing, picking out books to read at Beulah ,etc.
If your at Beulah and you read my blog let me know !!!!!


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