Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's Thursday

I am not sure where the weeks are going but this one is wrapping up too quickly!
So beside doing my weekly office duties I was able to attend a funeral on Wednesday.

I went because this lady was a sister to one of our church men.
And I was blessed to watch one of my hero's take part in the service.
He is a retired minister who comes from England with a cool accent and he is a true Calvinist !
He knows what He knows and is not afraid to defend it from the bible, nor is He afraid to use theological terms in his preaching . He doesn't believe in sugar coating the gospel.

Why would I A not so young Wesleyan pick a Baptist as a hero ?
Well this past week I have been fervently reading on line a bunch of stuff on the deception that is entering the church through this "emerging church" fad we find so strong today.

And while we are in a post modern swing of thinking all is ok.
with Christians who don't want to stand apart from the world but blend in.
Comes a man like my hero who will stand up and say " Thus says the Lord..."
You see He isn't swayed by fads but seeks the leading of God.
The very God who began the church and will complete it.
Why trust anyone else ?


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