Thursday, March 24, 2005

March break !!

Wow March break is now history for 2005 and has now been stored in a place called memory.

While away I attended a BIG Church ( attendance of 600+ ) .
When this happens , for the first 15 minutes every thing I see and hear is filtered through a basket in my brain called the small church standard.

Then with that done on with the service.

But after all is said and done there are some things that I appreciate in the smaller church - we don't have The casual atmosphere where people can drink coffee and praise the Lord for there is some reverence to the sanctuary.

And yes I think Hymns and hymn books are still a Good Thing . I love the new stuff as well !
What I like to have is a good mix of both.

And people Reading their own bible is good - while power point is cool.

But no matter what I think when we are back in the car - this is the church my kids want to Go to.
it's exciting to them - the classes are bigger and more fun.

And the city has more to offer than the village we live in and the town we are next to,
it would be great to live there or some big place.

And so the very option that has bounced around in the heads of people who have left the smaller church's TO THE BIGGER ONES'S 'for good of their families' -
has landed in my court should a person leave for the good of their family.
( now there is no one calling me to leave ) but its a option that often bounces around and for a moment makes me think.


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