Saturday, April 02, 2005

It's Here !!!

Finally the 2005 fishing has started !
I have not yet wet a line yet - but from now till Oct. 31 there is the freedom to Go Fishing !!
I haven't gone because April 1 is also my wedding anniversary so I wait to get my Lic.. After that ...
( I think this is wise on my part )
But What really has got my attention and that of the world is watching and waiting for the announcement that the Pope has passed away.
My life has never been affected by this man but somehow in these last days there is a connection to him for with all the news tidbits that are being broadcast on the t.v. screen ,he really was a great man.
A Hero a Religious Hero. Who are the hero's of our day ( religious ones)
Not hero's because they have best selling books or mega church's.
But in my thinking because they choose to be different and go unnoticed so God gets the glory,
hero's because they would rather speak to God than to promote their ideas.


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Atlantic Guy said...


Great to read your Blog. And Yes, it was wise to honour your anniversary before your fishing license!

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