Thursday, April 28, 2005

Break time

Its a rainy Thursday and I am in my office " better called a dungeon" located in our church basement.
So its time to break from getting my sermon done. I have this thing that it needs to be done and printed out by Thursday, none of this Saturday night stuff for me.

Breaks like this are good I think - they give me a chance to check out what church's are opened for pastors at my denomination's site or to look with in Canada for open church's at another site.
I do this out of curiosity and because there is a small part of me that would like to move .

Why Move ? Well I am at that point in life where I am not sure if a rural church is where I want to stay. Sometimes I feel that I could due more on a different playing field.
I know the old saying that a person needs to bloom where they are at and the grass isn't as green
as it looks on the other side.

But isn't it possible that as I am here for a season in life to be this church's pastor and help them , and that this church is here for a season to help me develop as well.

Or I am beginning to discover life at 40 ?

Well back to work
and so far this week no fish to tell off


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