Monday, April 18, 2005

Strange friends

We have a family pet that is a cat. She never goes outside and so it's left to create its own entertainment and make its own friends. Which it has done with my daughters beta fish. And with her new friendship The cat spends hours around the betas tank chasing this fish and even moving the tank around just to see it better.
And its kind interesting watching that cat chase the fish.

Seeing how people and animals respond is a curios sport for sure.

I watched our people this Sunday leave again with out any movement towards the altar for help from God , I had just preached on prayer and challenged the people that through prayer(and faith) they could see what ever mountains that might be before them cast into there sea By God.

But not a move. Now either my church is full of Super Spiritual Sanctified people or else the devil has got them super glued to the pews or ?

Why do you think we no longer see people respond to an altar call any more ?

I have some ideas but I'll post them after I hear some of yours ....


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