Monday, April 11, 2005


Mondays mean that I get to attend our Church Diet group at night and face the Scale !
This week I don't agree with the scale at all and I don't even like it at this point but there it is and it speaks with didgital authority that I am up !

I am glad that there is more to Monday's than that Scale !

(Like ) This morning I went and saw a guy who pours his own baits and sells them locally and on the internet so He's an Inventor an Artist ( his stuff sure is colorful ) and of course an expert on catching bass.

Growing up with Sesame Street I well remember the little song "who are the people in the neighborhood "

There are a lot of interesting people in our neighborhoods, for sure.

And this guy I saw today is one of them - and not only is he a invents, Artist, Expert on bass fishing he is also a philosopher !

I am glad for the people in my life - it sure makes life interesting.


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