Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What a sight!

In the past Two months I have been at the Funeral home about every other week with funerals (including today) , which is draining at times, but its a part of the job as they say.
But not to let this becoming depressing -- its on with life.
Like today following the funeral I finally took down my Christmas lights.
Next will be time to rake the lawn. But that is another blog at another time.
While I have yet to wet a line I did tonight check out my favorite lake and what did I see but a beaver swimming across the Lake what a sight he was just doing what he was meant to do - get trees and carry them to his home.
and so I ask myself from time to time what am I suppose to do as a minister - and its rather simple just like that beaver spend time in prayer / spend time in the word / and encouraging our people .
I just have to do what I am meant to do...


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