Friday, April 08, 2005


You might think that I mean Thank God its Friday but really I mean Thank God its Fishing(season)

This past week I finished reading a book by Andy Stanley titled " 7 practices of effective ministry"

Though I have not meet the Author I really like what he writes about on leadership - its more light hearted or more my style perhaps.

Last winter I read another of his books titled " The next Generation Leader "
and it impressed me enough to write on the inside cover a must read for every year.

As I read his books and others I have asked myself is " the world ( where we live) ready for a leader {ex. Pastor}who is styled like Jesus " or do they just expect as we have been duplicating over the past leaders who are styled in the newest trend of leadership practices that have no biblical foundation and are applicable to all types of leaders.

In talking to fellow pastors - they are amazed that I have not signed up to attend a Church growth conference scheduled for our area by one of the big Author/Pastor from the States.
Look out Atlantic Canada for all the clones about to be released as result of this conference !

Back to my thought of is the world being ready for a leader styled like Jesus - those who write on Leadership must not think so or else they would include more about Jesus teachings than there own.

Or maybe I am not reading the right books ?

So I will pass on this conference - I'd rather stay home and read their book anyways - than attend.

And Do some fishing !!!

And arrive to the pulpit Ready to Preach Rested and Ready to see God at Work through His Word and Worship.


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