Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Losing the art off...

Its Wednesday which means there is a bible study tonight that I need to prepare for, I am not complaining because I like studying - and teaching our people. ( we are doing a serious on the Apostles Creed )
many years ago I made the decision that I liked studying deciding this helped a lot with school and the ministry. Now I need to get my son to make the same choice for life that he likes to study but in grade 5 its hard to see life more than a day at time. Sadly we are losing the art off excellence in (this) school when teachers are letting kids drift by with average grades instead of helping them go to the next level.
So long as (this) teacher covers what the gov't says he must - he does his job even if kids ( this class ) are still trying to figure out what was taught in the last grade. ( and no one fails )

But not only are schools losing something - our under 35's are losing the art of common courtesy when dealing with people. Yesterday I went and had blood work done ( 10 vial's full ) and the young girl doing this would have easily taken my blood and never once spoke to me if I had not made the effort to talk with her.
surely a " How are you today" would be ok to say.

Getting dinner at a well known fast food restaurant chain - a young lady slammed my food down and not a smile or how are you, she was more interested in the drive through than me.

This Bugs me - pay them to do a job or fire them !
Be it teachers / lab tech's or counter people.


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