Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hand delivered letters

I am so use to email that I didn't realize that snail prices have gone up, and so now all my old stamps are
inadequate for the job , unless they get some help from penny stamps.
There is something about receiving mail that is cool to wait for and read , like all the duplicate mailings I get from my church's head office. Its too bad they can never figure out there is only one of me not two or three.
This past week my kids liked getting their valentines day cards with $ in them. Mail can be fun until its a Hand delivered letter - which says " I love you and the church but we are leaving for another church......"
I wish the people who get called to move on could see the empty pew they leave behind both in the church and in people's lives.
While Pastoring the rural church is great the challenge is greater in keeping people.
I wish people would take My advice and Stay where they are at ! Because if your thinking of leaving or hearing a call to another bigger church, stay where you are and make that church great and bigger.
Now this will take a shift from a consumer faith to committed faith. BUT IT'S WORTH IT !!!


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