Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Old memories and a sad future

The church I pastor in it's past had been part of a circuit deal with two other church's .
Over time they all separated going their own ways because of growth . Which was Good.
So now to keep some kind of 'fellowship' alive we have a combined service 3 times a year in one of the three church's . And the host pastor never preaches but leads the service while one of the pastors will and to make the night complete we have coffee and food to follow.
But the memories held by the 80+ crowd of of a time gone bye makes me wonder what the future holds because there hasn't been much in these last years worth remembering, compared to the stories of revial that these church's had .
The preacher for the night gave a top notch sermon on revival.
And here is why I think we could be in for a sad future - unless we have a God sent revival these rural church's might not be here for another 100 years.
Our altars are bare - our prayer meetings are bare - and our people barely show up!
We Need Revival !


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