Monday, February 07, 2005

Sunday School Taechers

Part of my duties as a pastor is going to a nursing home and holding a 30 min church service.
Sounds easy enough BUT when singing isn't your thing and they expect lots of singing it can be difficult.
But I am very thankful for a great piano player. So in picking out songs for this service I like to keep em fast, familiar and lively . So we sang "Jesus loves me" which many remembered singing in Sunday school.
And with a clock that seem to take forever to move to the next minute I asked if any of the seniors present had taught Sunday School before and sure three had.
I wish I had some kind of gift to give them in appreciation for teaching in the past.
There smiles made a difference to me.
I ask this : Where do forgotten Sunday school teachers Go ?
With all kinds of days that mark our calendars of events why can't mark another day on the calendar and remember our former Sunday school teachers one day of a year.


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