Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The first day is over

School has begun and its a good feeling. Except in the pocket book! It cost app. $100.00 bucks for school supplies for each child and we went the cheap route which included recycling last years stuff. And here is the kicker -- its the first day and already book orders are coming home wanting more Money and all kids have to use an agenda for the year provided by the school at $ 5.00 per child so the cost of public school keeps going up.

I can't remember having all this stuff way back there in the ancient 70's and 80's.
Not even in College which my wife reminded me that I was in almost 20 years ago.

Back to school , in Yarmouth recycling is a big deal here we have 3 diff. Bags for garbage on the go plus a green cart for food. So Why can't recyling be encouraged for school supplies.
Life is expensive enough with out these list of school supplies needed for the first day of school.
I really doubt if kids really wrote in all their books and used all their pencils etc. Today.
But we did our best to keep our kids supplied for this great day!

Is amazing what parents sacrifice for their Kids...

But I am thankfor for all my parents have done for me in the past and even the present.


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