Thursday, September 01, 2005

Glued to CNN

Over the past night and morning we got the remains of Katrina.
Living here in Yarmouth it isn't unusall for us to get the remaining winds of hurricanes that hit further south along the Atlantic cost.

I can not even imagine what it must be like where this hurricane hit.
But I do know one who can help and it is God.

I do think that to manage through a time like this you need more than a bumper sticker faith to survive.
For the words of Paul about having a sound doctrine I think can help people keep their faith up during these times.

Now this is usually the day my sermon is typed and ready for Sunday but its almost done which better than not, but what I am thinking is how or what would you preach in that area?

And would the people listen?

And will people in my community see that life is not about things but living.
I wonder if people will see that there can be no guarantees beyond the now unless it is in God.
I wonder how I would respond?
I wonder if our church would open its doors and show Jesus?
I wonder if my preaching would change after this?
I wonder if church would be full?

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