Friday, September 09, 2005

Ministry is cool

Not always but on occasion I get to do things under the umbrella of ministry wich are cool, like just now a senior lady brought to me a broken window hangy thing ( or a light reflector) that needed fixing, so I took it to my tackle shop and made the repairs, and gave it back to a very happy lady , now I told her the only payment necessary was at some point during my sermon she give a good loud hallelujah .

We Wesleyans use to have words like this shouted out during sermons - but not much these days!
At least any where I have pastored. and so my question is Why ?

Well here are some of my thoughts on it....

1.) Our zeal not so much for the preacher but for the Word has been put on a diet.

2.) We have to many peole that don't hold to the same standard of doctrine.
( some hate to hear about sanctification, while others cringe at the mention of Spurgeon at all in the same church)

3.) I am worried again that our younger Christians have not been around any one being truly
blessed by God, or have seen any one come under extreme conviction for their Sin.

4.) Maybe we have generated in our church's people who are spiritually insincere - out wardly saying yes to God but not supporting it with their life.

What do you think ?


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