Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The warmth from outside on the lake today felt more like August than September but here it is Sept.6 and we are now on the eve of a new school year:) :) :)
Our church always has a hot dog/marshmallow roast the Monday night of Labor Day weekend
to either say good bye to summer or hellow to a new school year or a opportunity to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire and sit around and talk.
Its amazing to me that this real simple idea is so successfully.
People love to come. I think for many its the only time they get to eat such a gourmet feast.
I usually can out eat any one with marshmallows but not this year, because we have as a family begun to go CAMPING and what do you eat at a camp fire but marshmallows.
We always have music at these events and this year we had a accordion to help us sing our favorites to.
Accordions are cool - they make you think of that Steve guy ( or at least me) from TV.

Not only did we camp out this weekend , have a church camp fire .... My wife saw her brother after 7 years of no communication with him.
One word sums this up. WEIRD ! Its amazing how many ways one can discuss the weather or weather related topics. He came with his family and left after an hour and so we looked at each other and asked who was that?

And finally one more note to this long weekend.
My son reported to me there was a dead bird on the church ramp, to which I went to investigate and saw there was one there, so I got my shovel and took it accross the street to my neighbor to verify its brand. It was a hawk as I thought. So I tossed it over the bank, later to night I noticed in the church window an impression of a bird who hit the window and died sadly.



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