Saturday, September 17, 2005

NY Islanders

Yarmouth has hosted this week the NHL training camp NY Islanders and last night we went to their game- islanders against islanders or blue team against white team and it was great!
The chance to see NHL players play any time is great :)

But this morning we are getting another chance to see someone famous and its Tropical Storm Ophelia that's now hitting us with rain.

I checked out our provincial gov't Emergency Preparedness Checklist WEB SITE to see what they recommend in case we lose our power or suffer even greater loss.
I wonder how many hits they get from serious people or is it a service offered but just used.
I am curious because As a church we have a " Emergency Preparedness Checklist" for eternal disaster and not a lot of people seem to be taking this one serious.
So As a church I hope we are getting hits ( people) and being a service offered but not used!

We Need Revival !

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