Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time for something new

Since my last post I took a 3 hour cruise (ferry) to n.b. and back.
Going on the ferry had a couple of bus tours aboard .
What interesting people seem to be attracted to bus tours...
I guess I won't pick on them today!

I have recently gone to my first Baptist induction service for a new minister.
Truly we Wesleyans have got things good compared to others.

But as we are in this service with all of its formalities , right in the middle of it, they had 3 choruses.
It wasn't a worship service.
The hymns they sang were wonderful funeral marches.
These were new songs so mostly no one knew the words.
They were I think arranged wrong.( Slow to fast. I prefer fast to slow)

Who say's there has to be " chorus" to make it a service ?
Can not the reading of the word be seen as worship?
Do we forget that hymns are worship to?


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