Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's amazing to me...

Well Sunday is just about over and now its time to review the day.

Now that my sermon is over I wish I had just about one more quote to have tied it all together but its over now! And maybe I should of reside a few words differently
but its done and next Sunday is now on the radar.

While leading the song service today someone got up and did a interruptive dance.
I am o.k. with this knowing the person's sincerity.
Now had I gotten up to dance I would of been escorted out :) as fast as lightning.

Already I have received a phone call about it and I am sure to hear more.
Oh The joy's of a small church.

To them and all my reply is "they have done it in other Wesleyan Church's I have been at."

I will blog on this again if more is said :) this could get interesting.

Tonight we have changed bedrooms moving up stairs instead of being in the basement.
I accident's broke our head board and almost lost our mirror for the second time in our married life, plus a few other minor little things I'll leave out here.

This kind of stuff might be alright for those people on t.v. re-decorating houses all over the country and looking happy with it but for me it stinks.
So to conquer my some what sour attitude to all this I am going to think of these things as "TRAINING FOR THE MISSION FIELD" and maybe it will help :)


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