Saturday, May 07, 2005

Things I find uncanny

Its been a busy week but while I have been working hard I have been mentally collecting for my blog.
So tonight I am going to start a list of things I find uncanny....

1. Waitress who wear shirts that don't cover their belly....Its just uncanny in a family restaurant.
2. People who cut not only their finger nails in church but also their toe nails ... Its just uncanny in church.
3. Garbage men who not only take the garbage but the can as well .... Its uncanny.
4. People who don't take their church bulletin home ( which I like to think is my weekly work of art ) its uncanny.

And so the list has begun.....

Friday morning I put into practice what I tell my son "work first then play ". So I Finished my sermon and off to the lake for a two hours of Bass fishing. Finally the water temp. Is on the rise and the bass are starting to bite and on this short fish I caught and released 5 bass.


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