Monday, May 23, 2005

Its been awhile since I last posted and now I hope to be back on track.

My life has been busy with a visit from my parents, getting ready for our church's year end meeting , which my lovely wife does all the work for me on this.
and I had to deal a computer crash.

While working on my yearly report I always list the number of books read in a year and this I read 28ish books
and so I want to share here what I didn't write in my report are the titles I have read.
The bait of Satan
The winning attitude
Drawing Near
Generation X leaders
occult invasion
a right conception of sin
Prepare for revival
Victory in Christ
developing the leader within you
war on the saints
power of a praying woman
returning to holiness
getting things done
bondage breaker
the 3 battlegrounds
the forgotten blessing
stop dating the church
highlights of church history
highly effective people
when the fire fell
power of a praying husband
courageous leadership
7 practices of effective
God's will
prepare the way for revival
fresh wind fresh faith
the radical cross
prepare the way for revival


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