Sunday, August 28, 2005

This is Sunday

I woke up this morning almost too tired to really go to church But I must ! So I woke up and got ready !! Why was this morning so difficult my family had just spent its first time ever camping in a provincial park in a 4 man tent plus one dog ( our families newest member ) !!
And while I have camped plenty none of the rest had till this week. And it was Great !
We had invited any of our church people to come along and join us for a camp out.
And some did ! And we also said if they didn't want to stay the night come out for the evening and we must of had 25 people buzzing around it was great !

So we packed up and were on the way home (a long 20 min drive) by 9:00 am and I was at church by 10 and service started on time at 10:30 and out to lunch with 10 other people .
I preached on revival which is one of my favorite topics.

And since its the last Sunday of the month we had an evening service which my wife lead and did an excellent job doing !! She has a great ability of getting people involved in the service more than I and we had a lot of prayer and praise.

And now I must get ready for a 6:30 fish and plan to hopefully finish painting the parsonage and office .
plus keep an eye on the storm via. CNN.


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