Thursday, August 11, 2005

Surprise !!

For the last two weeks my wife and son have been in another province while my daughte and I have been home. And for a week of this my daughter went to summer camp. So while my wife was a way to keep my self out of trouble I spent some ( a lot ) of time FISHING !!! Since Sunday past I kept Wed. Circled and noted in my palm as CLEAN-UP DAY ! Because I was to get here at the boat terminal that Night. I would spend the day making sure my wife came home to a clean and tidy house. That was the plan. But she had her own plan and came home a day earlier. Surprise ! As she came in the house I thought well I have now joined the ranks of John the Baptist and will lose my head.
But the joy of seeing me I am sure clouded her vision and I am alive to blog yet another day. Somewhere in this will be a great sermon illustration and a reminder of the text of keeping my house in order because I never know when the Lord will return.


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