Thursday, August 25, 2005

80/20 is true

This week while still painting my office, the church parsonage was painted by about 20 % while the rest 80% were ??? I do know one board member who spent the day fishing . Oh well its done.
It interesting that our oldest painter was 83 and the yougest Me at 40 ish. But its done.
Its amazing how a fresh coat of paint spruces things up and yet for the last 3 years since it was primed became dull and comfortable. And we really never noticed till the paint started covering over the old.
Somewhere in this is a sermon illustration I think.
If not a illustration an analogy that people tend to get to comfortable with the way things are... And to this I think the remedy is a revival. To spruce us up and make us gleam for Jesus.

Four months today its Christmas Day !!

I went fishing from 7-9:30 am today while the fish were not bitting it was great to be out.


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